Driving to the waterfall was nice, but it made me dizzy driving the winding roads around the mountain. It was fun. The first waterfall we saw was really beautiful, but they said it was only one of ten. When we went to the second one, it was even higher. Everybody went to the third one, but then we stopped. I guess I had a lot of energy that day because I wanted to keep going, but some people didn’t. They said the ones who wanted to keep going could and the other ones stayed to swim. So I was the only girl who made it all the way up to see all ten waterfalls. I feel really proud of myself for making it to the top. P’Mu was like, “Good job, Esma. Girl power.” P’Mu, P’Mai, Mr. Mines, Sergio, Erin, James, Tyrone, Jiheam, and I all made it to the last one. We got in the water at the tenth waterfall, but we didn’t really swim. Sergio was doing too much and was slipping, so the staff had to tell him to come down.

After that we went back down to the first waterfall and swam with the whole group, but it was really cold. James and I got in, but we had scared faces because it was so cold. Since that day, I’ve felt like I have a lot of energy. After a while, we went back to the songtaws. I was trying to get in, and I hit my knee on the edge of the door. I just held in my pain and smiled it out. Later on, there was a bruise on my knee. That’s the only thing I didn’t like about the waterfall, but it was inside the songtaw.