Student Spotlight

Thrival Academy: Oakland Thrival Academy: Indy
Fernando Sevilla

Age: 15

Current Grade: 10

What do you miss most about home?  I miss playing soccer/ futbol. I miss playing fifa. I miss watching How I Met Your Mother. I miss talking to people I would usually talk to like my counselor at LIFE Academy. I miss going to the movie theater with my brother. I probably would have seen Black Panther with him before opening night.

What are you enjoying most about being in Thailand? Since being here, I have enjoyed meeting new people like the Rustic staff, and my first homestay parents. I really liked my homestay mother because she was really cool. She did a lot of things for her community, which is weird for me to say because oftentimes I find myself criticizing people who try and do things for the community in Oakland. It’s weird because the two groups do the same things like protest and disagree with the government. Also, her cooking was amazing, I prefer her cooking over a lot of Mexican food. I LOVE sticky rice.

Personal Highlight from this week:  My personal highlight is happening right now – this interview. I also enjoyed watching Alicia destroy every witness during our Mock Trial.

Isaac Mabry

Age: 16

Current Grade: 11

What do you miss most about home? Umm… Work. I miss making money. I miss my mom, and my family, and my annoying brothers. I miss my mom getting on my case about every little thing. When I’m at home it gets annoying, but now that I’m here it’s just not there… So I miss it. I miss my friends at Tech, and I kind of miss regular school a little bit. And I miss being alone in my room… and I miss watching TV. Oh, and I miss the food.

What are you enjoying most about being in Thailand? Umm… The thing I enjoy most about being in Thailand is… well for me being Black… the people just stare at me. I like that. And I like that the people talking to us because they want to practice their English. When they find out we’re from the U.S. they want to talk to us about politics and everything they know about America.

What are you looking forward to this week: Going to the Night Market again to buy souvenirs for my family.