The Model

A Thrival Year

We have reimagined school into a year-long Academy that provides each student with a highly individualized, credit-bearing, culturally immersive, and personally transformative education abroad.

Educational Program

We have built a unique experiential educational program grounded in highly personalized learning and leveraging evidence-based practices from our partners at Summit Learning, Big Picture Learning, and Rustic Pathways. Our students engage in a rigorous, culturally immersive, project-based, and experiential curriculum. Through a combination of mutually reinforcing learning modalities students at each Thrival Academy will take charge of their own learning while engaging in culturally responsive education abroad.

Advisory Seminar

Each student is in a 20-person seminar class where they engage in community building, group discussions, and personal reflection with a focus on mastery of global competencies, social-emotional learning goals, and habits of success. Students also work with their Advisors to co-create and co-manage their Personal Learning Plans.

Project-Based Learning

Students engage in 3 types of projects: 1) Targeted projects that focus on mastery of specific academic content; 2) Community projects that are cross-content and grounded in the context of the international community; and 3) Capstone projects that are the culmination of each student’s entire year of learning.

Experiential Learning Excursions

Students engage in real-world learning locally and globally through our standards-aligned experiential learning excursions. This programming is immersive and builds to and through the study abroad phase of the year. While abroad, students participate in local homestays and cultural exchanges designed to build global competency through empathy and understanding.

Personalized Blended Learning

We are using the Summit Learning Personalized Learning Platform to house our personalized curriculum, allowing us to deliver content and instruction through a competency-based and self-paced model. Each student is provided a laptop and our teachers serve as coaches, facilitators, and guides to help our students grow as self-directed learners.