Rustic Pathways Children’s Home Talent Show

By Bionka Moore, grade 11

This is how it all started. The whole day, Joseline, Alicia and I were very nervous because we didn’t think we were ready, and we kept messing up during practice. At about 7pm, we go dressed with our matching outfit. At 7:30pm, time for the talent show, P Chet said we were going second. The Karen girls performed first, with their dance with the umbrellas. Then it was our turn. Hearts were racing; feets were pacing. The music started and we just went. We had so many cheers, and we just tore the floor up with our boss dance moves! More Karen students danced and demonstrated muay thai. Then Ali Mae sang a song from Camp Rock with all his courage, and all the Karen students cheered. Then Javier (Oakland) rapped, and man he got skills! Lastly, Joseline and I performed When I was Your Man by Bruno Mars. Everybody was hyping it up and telling us we got this. The song started but no one could hear Joselin, so I switched the mic with her since I could project my voice more. Then, we balanced each other out and made beautiful magic with our voices.

After the talent show another event occurred. It was last minute and very emotional. We had to gather everyone and nobody knew what was going on. Andrew introduced to P Chet what we were about to do, and we all sang his favorite song Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day. Most people didn’t know the song, but they tried their best. A lot of Indy kids cried because we were sad to leave P Chet. I presented the note cards we wrote to P Chet, and he started to cry as well. Overall, it was a very emotional night.