Thrival Academy: Indy Student Enrollment FAQ

Thrival Academy: Indy Student Enrollment FAQs

Q: How do I enroll to Thrival Academy: Indy?

A: Complete Thrival’s online application form or call us at 317-969-5583.  


Q: The April 15th deadline for choosing an IPS All-Choice High School has already passed, can I still apply to enroll?

A: Yes, Thrival Academy: Indy is still accepting applications.


Q: When will the students be traveling abroad?

A: While exact dates are tentative and based on flight availability, our immersion phase will run from the first week of January to the first week of April.


Q: Do I have to withdraw from my current school?

A: Yes. If you are selected through the Enroll Indy lottery process you will be automatically enrolled in Thrival Academy: Indy for your junior year.


Q: What school will I attend for my senior year?

A: You will attend whatever school you were listed to attend for your junior year.


Q: What about my classes? Will I get behind in credits?

A: You will be enrolled in a full year of junior year courses. You will have the opportunity to earn up to 7 credits per semester while enrolled at Thrival Academy: Indy. 


Q: Will I be able to return to my current choice program?

A: Yes. You will be able to return to your current program.


Q: I am currently enrolled in an IB program; will I be able to earn an IB diploma?

A: You will be able to return to the IB program at your school, but you may not meet the junior year requirements for the IB diploma. Speak with your counselor at your current school to learn more.


Q: Can I stay at my current school and just go to Thailand for the three months?

A: No. You must enroll in Thrival Academy: Indy for the entire school year.


Q: Will the students have school seven days per week?

A: No. Students will maintain a traditional Monday through Friday school week with enrichment activities, homework time, and rest occurring on the weekends.


Q: How much money do the students need to take?

A: Students do not have to take any money, but if they wish to bring cash to purchase snacks, souvenirs, and personal items, we recommend no more than $200.


Q: I still have questions!

A: Contact Thrival Academy: Indy School Leader India Hui at