Farming and Agriculture Homestay

This week, students began their fourth and final unit here in Thailand. Our global scholars are learning about technology, innovation, and globalization with a focus on food and agriculture in Geography class while exploring the challenge of a debate in their Critical Thinking & Argumentation class. With Ms. Yang, they are learning about organic farming in Thailand’s Yasothan region and practicing argumentation skills which will be put to the test as their final project! With Ms. Esteves, students are learning about the innovations in agriculture that helped feed the world but that came with many social and environmental costs. Tomorrow, we depart for our final homestay, where students will live with organic farmers. They will have a chance to interview them but also experience an exchange with a conventional farmer – all evidence to prepare for their debate. Essentially, students need to take a stance: organic or conventional – Which is the best way to feed a population and why?



Trip to the Night Bazaar

By Abigail Mendoza, grade 11

Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar is basically a street market. You can find a lot of cool souvenirs and items. It’s pretty fun to bargain and it’s definitely set up for tourists. They have things like key chains and traditional dress for people to buy and take back home. I thought it was pretty great. I found a lot of cool gifts for my family and practically ran out of money.


(Photo credit for above: Travel Wire Asia)