We woke up really early that day, and I couldn’t sleep in the van on the way because I was too excited to see the elephants. When I first saw the elephants, I didn’t say anything because I was just in shock. Then I took some pictures, but I words couldn’t come out because I couldn’t believe I was seeing elephants. We also got to make medicine for them. It’s a long process, and it’s hard. After that, we had lunch. Then we had the chance to shower five elephants. I was scared at first because I thought I was going to get kicked. The only thing I did was splash them with water because I wasn’t bold enough to go scrube them with the soap. I got to hear them make the elephant noise. It was crazy because I had heard it on TV, but I had never heard it in person. After we took them to shower, we fed them sugar canes. The thing about them that I learned is that they bite their food and then hold it down while they chew and then take another bite… like humans! When we were on the bus going back, we saw one of the Mahout (elephant caretakers) was on top of an elephant and dropped his water bottle, and the elephant picked it up and gave it back to him. Being a Mahout for a day was a unique opportunity, and hopefully in the future I can meet more wildlife.