Orientation Week

Last week the Thrival Indy students, Thrival Oakland students, and the Rustic Pathways staff worked through orientation together. During this time, the Thrival team took a backseat in order to allow the Rustic Pathways staff time and space to establish trust and relationships with our students. While we all experienced separation anxiety during this time, it was necessary as we embarked upon this three-month long journey together. We are now a complete team of 14 staff who are fully equipped and ready to serve our 36 students!



Thai Culture & Values Homestay

Thrival students spent 4 days staying with families in their first homestay in a village about 45 minutes from the Ricefields Base. Students put their Thai language to the test living with families and learning about the local way of life for people in Northeast Thailand. They were able to participate in the community’s Children’s Day celebrations, attend a temple festival, visit the famous Red Lotus Lake in Udon Thani, and learn about the community’s Conservation Group in an exchange between community activists and Thrival students. Their first night was a bit awkward, and students struggled at first to overcome the language barrier and live in Thai homes, but by the time the students left on Sunday morning, many didn’t want to separate from their new families and are hopeful they will be able to see them again before they leave Thailand.