Our students are wrapping up their final week in Thailand! They fly home this weekend. Thank you for following their journey during this immersion phase of their school year.

Third Favorite Homestay

By Rasean Edwards, grade 11

The first day, we got there around 6pm. Our homestay mom fed us, and then we watched a movie called “John Carter.” The next day, we did a few activities with Mr. Cross, Ms. G, and Ms. Estevses. After that, we had an exchange with our families. We asked them what they think about the farming situation. Another thing we did was attend a party thing for someone who died. And they had a concert. We ate and watched the concert… a man was on stage “fake” playing the guitar. The party went on until late in the night, but we went home at around 10pm. The next day I watched a movie with Johnathan and Isaac, and later in the day we went farming. We picked these fruit things that we called “tasteless apples. We also took purple onions from the ground. The next day, we went across the street to Ally’s dad’s house, and we carved wood with him. It was pretty fun. I learned that conventional and organic farming both have negative aspects. They say that conventional uses too much chemicals, but organic farmers use nitrogen fertilizers and it gets in the water and poisons them. This was my third favorite homestay, but I do enjoy being the villages more than the resorts and hotels.


Airport Chaos

By Yara Lopez, grade 11

The drive to the airport was about half an hour. I tried taking a nap, but I kept hearing Rasean’s music. I tried to tell him that he’s going to go deaf, but he doesn’t listen! When we arrived at the airport, there was a van that didn’t arrive on time. We went to the counter to weigh our suitcases; surprisingly, Mikayli’s was 57 pounds! Rasean and I were fighting over custody of my teddy bear named Phrank. (Rasean named him.) When they checked our carry-on bags, they took all of our shampoo, but the worst part was that somebody had a BB gun in her backpack that her friend got at the first homestay. When the lady pulled it out of her backpack, we were all shocked. The kid just told her to throw it away. We got on a little train to get to the airplane. It was like a one-minute drive. We could have just walked! During takeoff, Alicia was scared, so we held hands across the aisle. Kylie fell asleep really quickly! The flight was really short- It felt like 20 minutes. I couldn’t look outside because I didn’t have a window seat.