Our students are wrapping up their final week in Thailand! They fly home this weekend. Thank you for following their journey during this immersion phase of their school year!

Arriving to Na Nang Bong

By Pablo Gallegos, grade 11

The first day, we got our bags and went to our house for an hour. We then went back to the weaving center. We walked, it was almost like a tiny hike. We hiked to go see this pond of cyanide that the mining company had left. Yee (Grandma) Rose was telling us how students had come to see the pond for their studies, but villagers don’t go up there because they don’t want to see it. They don’t want to see the damage that was caused by the mining company. Before it was a huge hill but because they dropped so many bombs, it now looks like a giant crater filled with purple kool-aid. After that we went back home to go eat dinner with our families and shower. Later in the week, we met the youth group that helps the radical grandmas. They are all women, except one guy who wasn’t there. He’s in college still and he’s Mae (Mama) Rose’s son. One of the 15 year olds belonging to the youth group was almost sued by the mining company for slander. They fought it and she wasn’t sued, after all. Then there was the pond – we went swimming.


Mae Rose, the Community-Driven Leader

By Alicia Eskridge, grade 11

Someone I want to really highlight is Mae (mama) Rose. She is this amazing woman and really has strong leadership in the community. She is like, the face of the movement. She’s a radical grandma and the head for the people in the town. She works with the youth group and is a very inspiring person who is down for the cause. It’s almost like she’s the face of the people’s movement. I want to thank her for being my homestay mom and letting me stay in her house. She’s the most popular grandma, but all of the other grandmas are awesome too. They’re very inspiring. The food was good. Those grandmas know how to cook. I really like that we got to make scarves. Everything was made by them – the machines, the thread, the scarves. I really appreciate that we spent a whole day with them, and they shared their craft.