This documentary was very special to us because it helped us learn about the problems in the village. We also learned how the Radical Grandmas stepped up. In order to make this documentary, we had to get an inside view of how mining destroyed the lives of the Na Nong Bong villagers. As we gained new perspectives, we also gained new bonds with our homestay families. We won a Thrivie for Best Voice Over with Esme’s amazing voice. Winning this award was special because I (Esme) never won an award before, and it made me feel good about my work. We definitely failed forward. Doing the subtitles was really hard because I (Adriana) had to do it voice-by-voice, and we had to do the voice overs a few times. Special thanks to the staff and Mrs. Hui for giving us the opportunity to get a new perspective from being in the villages. Check out our documentary on YouTube here!