Conservation Propaganda Projects

By Macaiah Patterson, grade 11

So we did a project because we went to our homestay we had to learn about three perspectives, which were the Royal Project, National Park, and Karen Indigenous people. The reason for doing this is because the national park would say the indigenous people were a cause of deforestation. They said the slash-and-burn method was harmful to the forest and the environment. The indigenous people are saying, “why would we harm the forest when we live here?”

Each student had to pick a perspective and then persuade their audience on their political perspective. The point is to get people on your side and feel the emotion. We have to send a message through our poster. Some people did theirs on a site that we used to make our last infographic project, and they have to submit it through Google classroom. Others made posters. I learned that actions speak louder than words and that an image can say a thousand words.